Aloha, it's Kai

I'm a landscape architect turned UI/UX designer who sees the micro and macro at the same time.


A bit about me

I am a master's student in the Visual Communication Design program at RIT. Passionating about Design for People and have an interest in Motion Design and crafting beautiful Visuals

As a UX design intern at SAP, I simplified procurement tools for millions of users. At Cisco, I worked with a diverse team to develop an innovative cybersecurity solution. Additionally, during my time as a landscape designer, I focused on designing parks that met the needs of communities.

More than anything, I flourish in environments filled with ambition, genuine curiosity, humility, and happiness. My aspiration is to be part of forward-thinking teams that can make a lasting and significant difference in people's lives, society as a whole, and the world we inhabit.


What skills do I have?

What helps me to bridge the gap between the currently exists and what we are aiming for.

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Visual Design
& User Experience

Communicating with people by creating friendly digital experiences that are filled with good stories and fun interactions.

& Direction

Discovering and defining the problems, identifying the scope and finally, making something extraordinary.

Motion Graphics
& Animation

Motion is a way that creates fantastic interactions and makes stories animated.